What are "dot underscore" files and how do I get rid of them?

Decorators using digital downloads on a Mac computer may run into a strange but easy-to-solve technical glitch.

Let’s say you’ve copied your downloads to a flash drive or SD card using your Mac computer. Everything looks normal, but once you plug your storage device in, the files in your playlist won’t play! What gives?

This can be a frustrating issue, but there is nothing to worry about. You may notice that the files which are causing the problem are almost the same as the original digital download files, but their file names all have “._” a the beginning.

For example, “._MyValentine_Holl-H.MP4” instead of “MyValentine_Holl-H.MP4”.

These duplicate “._” or “dot-underscore” files are created by your Mac computer to help read and reference MP4 files more quickly. They are invisible when you are using your Mac computer, but once you transfer to another device they can show up and disrupt your decoration playlist.

Because these duplicate files do not show up on your Mac, they must be erased using a PC or a media player.

To delete the files from a PC, simply select all the files starting with a "._" and move them to the trash. Remember to empty your trash before disconnecting the storage device or the files will remain on the device.

To delete the duplicate files using your AtmosFX Media Player, please follow these steps:

  • From the home menu, select the File icon and press <OK> on the remote.
  • Select which storage device to read: USB Drive, Memory Card, or Optical Drive. Highlight the desired device and press <OK>.
  • Select which partition of the drive to read. Most drives have only one partition. Highlight the appropriate partition and press <OK>.
  • Locate the duplicate files using the cursor and press <MENU> on the remote to bring up the copy/delete menu.
  • Select DELETE from the menu and press <OK> on the remote.
  • Repeat this process for every file that starts with < ._ >.

If you have a third-party external media player you should be able to delete the files in a similar fashion.

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