How do I play digital download files through a DVD player?

Burning digital downloads to a DVD is not recommended. 

Your digital download files are High Definition quality. Burning to a DVD will require you to reduce their quality a Standard Definition image.

Also, burning your video files to a disc can be a quite complicated process.

Simply copying the MP4 files to a disc will not provide you with a DVD player compatible disc.

In order to play the decorations a DVD player, you will need special DVD writing software.

There is huge variety of DVD writing software for different operating systems on the market. Because of this, AtmosFX can not recommend specific DVD writing software.

How to Use Your Digital Downloads When You Can't Burn a DVD

Digital downloads are such a versatile format that there is almost certainly a way to use them with your current decorating tools. 

It may be necessary to buy an additional cable or adapter to connect your devices. 

You may also want to consider our very powerful and affordable  AtmosFX Media Player

Our Media Player can accept USB or SD card media and features three different video output options to give you as much power over your decorating tools as possible.

If you have any questions about using your digital downloads with your current decorating tools, please contact AtmosFX support and tell us in detail about your set up.

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