What's the difference between Digital Downloads and DVDs?

AtmosFX pioneered digital decorating in 2009 with the release of our first DVD collections. We're always looking for new ways to innovate, which led to the debut of digital downloads in 2014. 

AtmosFX still offers most of our classic decorations on DVD. However, our newer decorations will be available only on Digital Download format. 

Digital download collections include all scenes, effects, and display modes featured on our DVD collections, and sometimes more.

What are Digital Downloads?

Digital downloads are digital video files that you can download to your computer. 

AtmosFX digital downloads are HD quality video files in .mp4 format, and nearly all of them are 1080p HD resolution. The only exception is for our three oldest collections Triple Thrill Pack, Shades of Evil, and Blood Walls, which are available in 720p resolution.

We chose .mp4 because it has higher quality, smaller file size, and more compatibility compared to other video file formats. 

Why are Digital Downloads Better Than DVDs?

Digital downloads give decorators higher video quality and more playback control than DVDs.

Our DVD products feature digital decorations in standard definition (480p), which is the highest resolution possible on a DVD. 

Digital Downloads are great for many more reasons, including:

  • They'll never be broken or lost - The support team can send you new download links when needed
  • No limits on file size - No decoration collection will be too large or small to put on a disc
  • No shipping costs - Your decorations arrive immediately
  • Completely customizable - you can create personalized playlists so that every decorating experience is unique
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