Will my digital download expire? What if I lose the files?

Once you purchase a digital download you have access to it for life, unlike physical formats which can become lost or damaged.

Each digital download includes 5 download attempts, just in case you have connection issues and need to try more than once.

What If I Run Out of Download Attempts?

If you use all 5 download attempts but still haven't completed your download, you are welcome to contact the support team for help. We can provide you with more download attempts when needed.

What If I Lose My Files?

First, try searching your email inbox for messages from "SendOwl.com". Every time you order a digital download, your download link is emailed to your inbox. If you can not locate your download link, please contact the support team.

Contacting the Support Team

Everybody needs a little help sometimes. That's why we include a contact form right on the digital download page. 

However, if you can not locate your order, you can contact the support team any time by using the "Contact Us" link at the top right of the Help Center, or by clicking the question mark icon the bottom right of any page on our website. 

To locate your order, please provide the following info:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Order Number

If you have multiple email addresses, please provide all of them. You may have placed orders using more than one address, or used a different address than your contact email.

Backing Up Your Digital Downloads

We recommend backing up your files before copying them onto the USB drive or SD card you use for decorating. 

This is one of the great features of the digital download format – you can make personal copies to prevent against accidental loss.

Backing up your AtmosFX Digital Decorations to a single location will ensure that if anything happens to your USB drive or SD card, your files are safe and you won’t have to download them again.

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