Can I use my Digital Decorating Kit to watch movies or play other files?

AtmosFX projector kits can be used for much more than just playing AtmosFX digital decorations. The Digital Decorating Kit Plus is designed to work best for digital decorating - however, it packs enough power to work as a home cinema projector in many environments.

The Plus projector outputs a true 720p HD image, and it's super bright - bright enough even to look good in low light, while most decorating projectors are only meant to be used in the dark. The Digital Decorating Kit can also display movies, but home cinema projectors will always work best with brighter output and higher resolution.

Video and Audio Options

There are multiple options for connecting other video devices to your AtmosFX projector. An HDMI connection is available to input any video HDMI compatible video source. You can also use component or composite video using an adapter cable connected to our 1/8th inch video input jack. For more information, check out this article:

The projector features built-in speakers, but if you are concerned about audio quality, you can use the headphone jack to connect any audio device of your choice. Bluetooth audio is available on the Plus kit, but not on the regular Digital Decorating Kit.

What video and audio devices can I connect to the Digital Decorating Kit?

Compatible File Types

One of the great things about the Digital Decorating Kit and Digital Decorating Kit Plus is that they can play videos stored on an SD card or USB stick - No need to connect other devices! Our goal is to maximize your creative potential, so we made sure that lots of different file types could be used. Both the Digital Decorating Kit and Digital Decorating Kit Plus can play the following types of files:

Video Files


Audio Files


Photo Files


Text Files


Keep in mind that not all video file formats are the same. You may have a video file with a compatible file type (like MP4), but uses a different codec which is not compatible. You may need to convert your video format to make it compatible with your projector.

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