Why aren't your newer decorations available on DVD?

AtmosFX's mission is to create professional-quality digital decorations for holiday enthusiasts. To keep up with trends in home video technology, we are no longer offering our new decorations on DVD. 

DVDs have been around since 1995, and because of the age of the technology they can not play HD quality video. Now that HD video is the standard for home entertainment, we've upgraded to the digital download format.

Digital downloads are great for so many reasons, including...

  • They'll never be broken or lost - The support team can send you new download links when needed
  • Full 1080p HD video - Amazing image and sound quality
  • No limits on file size - No decoration collection will be too large or small to put on a disc
  • More playlist control - Mix and match collections to add variety to your decorating
  • No shipping costs - Your decorations arrive immediately
  • Environmentally friendly - no plastics or paper get used on packaging

If you're interested in making the upgrade to digital downloads,  click here to visit the digital downloads page in our Help Center for more info. Also, you are always welcome to contact the support team if you have any questions.

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