What is "resolution", and how is it measured?

Resolution describes the quality of your video image by measuring the number of pixels within the frame. 

1080p quality is 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels (AKA 1920px by 1080px). The first number measures the number of pixels from left to right, and the second number measures the number of pixels from top to bottom. 720p (1280px by 720px) is the minimum resolution is to be considered HD video, so anything lower than that is considered standard resolution.

Buyer beware! Quite a few budget projectors on the market today describe themselves as being HD projectors because they can play HD video files. However, just because they accept HD quality videos, doesn’t mean you get an HD quality projected image. Look for the “Native Resolution” information in the projector’s description. If the second number in the resolution is any lower than 720, the projector is not HD. 

AtmosFX digital downloads are available as HD videos, so getting a true HD projector will deliver the best high-quality effects. Most of our decorations are available in 1080p HD quality, except for our three oldest collections; Triple Thrill Pack, Shades of Evil, and Blood Walls. These videos were produced before we offered 1080p files, and are limited to 720p.

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