How do I use the on and off timers on my Digital Decorating Kit projector?

Lots of decorators like to use automatic timers for their lights to save power and effort at the end of a long night of holiday fun. But what about projectors? Can those be put on automatic timers too?

It seems like an easy solution, but you should not use automatic timers with digital projectors. Turning off a projector improperly can sometimes damage the projector. The fan must continue running to cool down the projector after use, and simply shutting off the power to the projector means the fan can not run

To make sure you still have a convenient way to turn off your projectors, the Digital Decorating Kit and Digital Decorating Kit Plus projectors both feature an "Off Time" setting.

There is also an "On Time" setting to automatically turn on your projector, but you will still need to manually select and play your decorations once the projector boots up.

Setting up your projector's "Off Time" is a simple three-part process; Navigating to the Clock Settings menu, programming the projector's clock, and then programming the "Off Time". We've created some step by step instructions for each part of the process to make this even simpler. After you've programmed your clock for the first time, you can skip right to "Programming the Off" to make adjustments.

Navigating to the Clock Settings Menu

Step 1 - From the MAIN PAGE, press the "Menu" button on your remote to enter the settings menu.

Step 2 - From the PICTURE Settings menu, press the "Right Arrow" button on your remote until you see the TIME menu.

Step 3 - From the TIME Settings menu, press the "OK" button on your remote to enter the Clock Settings menu.

Programming the Projector's Clock

Before using programming your "Off Time", you'll need to program the clock on your projector. The Clock Settings menu is where you will set the correct date and time.

Step 1 - Program the correct time.

Enter the month, year, hour, and minute with the "Right Arrow" and "Left Arrow" buttons. The "Right Arrow" button increases the number and the "Left Arrow" button decreases.

Step 2 - When you’ve finished, press the "Exit" button on your remote to return to the previous menu.

Programming the "Off Time"

Step 1 - From the TIME Settings menu, select "Off Time" and press the "OK" button on your remote.

Step 2 - Select the frequency of your "Off Time".

You can select “Once”, “Every Day”, or a specific day of the week.Use the "Right Arrow" button to make your selection. When your selection is complete, use the "Down Arrow" button to select the time.

Step 3 - Select the time you would like the projector to turn off.

Use the "Right Arrow" and "Left Arrow" buttons to choose the Hour. Then, press the "Down Arrow" button to select the Minutes. When you’re finished, press the "Menu" button to return to the Main Menu.

That's it! Your projector is now set to automatically power down.

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