How can I redeem rewards for my Gourdy points?

This is the fun part! When you're ready to redeem your Gourdy points, visit the rewards panel on your account page (click here to go straight to your account page). Open up the rewards panel and select "Redeem Rewards" to get started.

Your reward will be given to you in the form of a coupon. You can use the coupon during checkout, just add the relevant items to your cart and enter the coupon code before you make a payment.

You can view your number of Gourdy points easily. Whenever you're logged into, you can see your rewards point at the top of the page.

Here are your options for rewards:

15% Off Decorations - 500 points

Redeem 500 points for a 15% off coupon you can use toward your next decoration collection or single decoration scenes.

FREE Gourdy Plushie - 900 points

For 900 Gourdy Points, you can bring home a soft and cuddly plushie of Gourdy himself, our pumpkin-headed friend and mascot!

$20 Voucher - 1,500 points

Save up and trade in 1500 points and you'll be rewarded with a $20 store voucher, which you can spend on AtmosFX digital decorations, gear, and merchandise. Be sure to spend it all on one order, because the voucher can only be used once!

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