What general projector settings or terms should I know about?

This list of common projector terms will guide you through all of the most important things to know about digital projectors.

  • Contrast ratio is the ratio of the brightest and darkest image a projector can create

For example, the  Digital Decorating Kit Plus has a 500:1 contrast ratio, which means a completely bright image would be 500 times brighter than a completely dark image

  • Lumens are a measurement of a projector's brightness

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  • Keystone is the corrective setting which changes the angle of your projection 

Click here to learn more about "keystone"

  • Resolution is a measurement of video quality by counting the number of pixels

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  • Throw describes the size of your projection relative to the distance of the projector

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  • Zoom settings allow you to adjust the magnification your projected image

Most projectors do not have a zoom function, but some higher-end projectors do

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