Can I project my other AtmosFX Digital Decorations onto the 3DFX Form?

It never hurts to try out a new creative idea in your decorating set-up, but using a non-3DFX mode digital decoration with your 3DFX Form will more than likely deliver poor results.

The 3DFX Display Mode decorations are designed specifically for the size and shape of the 3DFX Form. 

You will likely have a lot of light and image spillover if you project scenes that are not designed for the 3DFX Form.

If you're interested in a 3DFX mode decoration which makes use of the space behind the 3DFX Form, check out the 3DFX display mode version of ‘Spell #3: Séance’ from Witching Hour

When this scene is projected onto the 3DFX Form, your audience will be able to see your witch come to life, surrounded by the spirits that she conjures.

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