The text in my decoration is facing the wrong way - How do I reverse it?

Most of our digital decorations don't feature any text, which means they look great whether you're using rear or front projection. However, If your chosen decoration features text you'll want to be sure it's facing the right way for your audience to read. 

Window and Hollusion decorations are usually created with rear-projection. Rear-projection displays appear "flipped" from your audience's perspective. That's why our Window and Hollusion decorations include text that is already flipped. When you preview the video, the text will read from right to left instead of left to right, like in this example:

Celebrations Party Time in Window mode

TV and Wall versions will feature text that reads left to right, just like words on a page.

If you want to use a different display mode, most projectors feature a "horizontal flip" setting to manually flip the image. Please check your projector settings to see if you can flip your projection so that your text faces the right direction.

The following decorations feature text:

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