How do I set up real pumpkins with Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree?

Projecting decorations onto real pumpkins is one of the most popular Halloween digital decorating options from AtmosFX. You can find decorations for real (or fake!) pumpkins in the following decoration collections:

Halloween Moon contains some very unique pumpkin mode decorations that turn any pumpkin into an animated Jack-O'-Lantern. Transition files are included to create a playlist which mixes Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree and Halloween Moon together. Each individual Halloween Moon decoration features a single pumpkin version, but the complete collection also includes a version to project onto three pumpkins, much like Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree. The reason this trio version is not included in the single decorations is because it includes animation from all of the single decorations mixed into one long video.

You can even try projecting any of these decorations onto basketballs, fruits, mannequin heads, or any other surface. These decorations bring any objects to life with happy Jack-O'-Lantern faces and animated carvings.

How do I pick the right size pumpkins?

This all depends on your projector. Your decoration can work with a large variety of pumpkin sizes - it all depends on your projector.

Different projectors create different sized images depending on where they are placed. Still, there's an easy way to test this out before you go out and buy some fresh pumpkins.

To begin, try estimating where you want to set up your pumpkins and projector. Turn on your projector and display your Pumpkin Prop mode decorations.

Next, take a large piece of cardboard, or any large, flat surface, and put it where you want to place your pumpkins. This will show you exactly how large your pumpkins will need to be. If you need, you can even draw circles on your cardboard to see about what size will work best.

How do I set up my pumpkins?

Now it's time to experiment with pumpkin and projector placement until you get it just right.

To start, position your projector so that the middle face in the projected image lines up with the center pumpkin, then place your other two pumpkins on either side of the center pumpkin, and line them up with the projected faces.

Once your props are in place, select one (or a few, or all!) of the Pumpkin Prop mode decorations and set your projector to loop! Your display will be ready to entertain trick-or-treaters all night.

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