Why is there a flash appearing between my decorations?

Some TVs, Projectors, Blu-Ray players, and media playing devices may display a flash in between scenes or after a scene loops. Depending on your device, this flash could be green, white, or black. Whatever the color, it may appear for anywhere from a few frames to a few seconds before your next decoration plays.

If an unexpected flash occurs between tracks/scenes, or after a scene loops, this is an effect caused by the media player you are using. Your device is loading the next video in your playlist, or the beginning of your decoration if you are looping just one decoration. The flash is  not caused by your digital downloads. If you experience this problem, you may need to consider using another device to play your decorations. 

If your device displays a black screen, you can use Wall or Hollusion mode decorations to have a more seamless experience, because those decorations usually reset to black at the beginning and end of every decoration loop.

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