What are the "buffer" files included in my digital download?

If you're using AtmosFX decorations on digital download format, you may notice that some decorations include short videos called "buffer" files.

Buffer files are static background videos designed to perfectly blend with the beginning and end of the other video clips in your playlist to create a seamless digital decoration effect. Most decorators will not need to use buffer files, because the files are provided primarily for professional decorators with advanced video equipment. If you're curious about using buffer files, here are two ways they can be included in your digital decorating.

Using Buffer Files in a Playlist

Buffer files can be used in custom playlists where you wish to create longer pauses between decoration scenes. You can add the buffer file to your playlist multiple times back to back to expand the length of extra time in between decorations.

Using Buffer Files with an Advanced Media Controller

With the right equipment, you can play a buffer file on a loop seamlessly until a decoration is triggered to play. This technique requires expensive video control devices which can cost hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. These types of devices are sometimes referred to as media controllers. Click here to see an example of this type of device on the Fright Props website.

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