Where are my downloaded files?

What happens if you just downloaded your first AtmosFX Digital Decoration, but you can’t find the file?

Your brand new digital decoration file could be hiding in the following places:

Downloads Folder

This is the most common place where downloaded files end up being saved. Unless you’ve customized the settings of your computer browser, your downloaded files should be here.


Another place where your files could be hiding is right on your desktop. Once again, this will be the case if you’ve specified your desktop as the download location in your web browser or download software.

Pictures/Media Folders

If you’re using a mobile device or tablet, your device may default to downloading your files into a media folder. Remember, the files you download will be compressed ZIP files, not playable media files, so you will need to decompress/unzip the files before you can play them. This may require special software and abundant free space on your mobile device, which is why we recommended downloading on a computer before importing the files to your mobile device.

Once you have located your ZIP file, you can decompress the file and then begin browsing your AtmosFX Digital Decorations.

Inside of your decompressed file will be various MP4 video files divided into subfolders. Each MP4 file represents a different scene included in your decoration collection.

The second half of each MP4 filename identifies the particular display mode for that file.

For example, Wraith_Roamer1_WinHolo_Hor_HD.mp4 is the scene Wraith Roamer (part 1) and formatted to be used as a Window Hologram in Horizontal display mode.

Some decorations with multiple display modes may only have one display mode listed in the video file. If you are unsure which display mode works with your decoration, check out the digital decoration collection page in question for complete info about display modes.

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