Can I play my digital downloads through a phone or tablet?

Accessing the digital downloads

First things first: If you’ve just downloaded or loaded AtmosFX Digital Decorations to your phone or tablet, make sure you are using the MP4 video files (versus compressed ZIP files).

If you only see a compressed ZIP file, you will need to first uncompress/unzip that file. To learn more about how to do this, check out this article:

Can I use my phone or tablet to access digital downloads?

Copying the digital downloads

Once you have the files decompressed on your laptop, you can sync the videos to your mobile device with whatever program you use to sync your files. 

To save space, you may want to sync only the videos you want to play instead of syncing every video in your digital download.

Playing the digital downloads

Some decorators use digital downloads with other software to create moving wallpapers, or simply to play and show to their friends. Others use their mobile device to play a video connected to a TV or a projector. You may need to download a video player program which will allow you to "loop" or "repeat" the decorations in a full screen mode to get the best effect.

How you connect to your device all depends on what type of mobile device you own. There is more than likely an adapter cable which will connect your phone to an HDMI port for TVs and projectors. You might want to visit your local electronics retailer and ask them to help you find the right cable for your particular mobile device.

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