How do I play (and loop) digital downloads on my computer?

Digital decorations from AtmosFX are downloadable video files which use the MP4 file format, and they are compatible with any computer. Most computers already include video player software, but it might not have the right features to display your decorations.

You need a video player that can "loop" or "repeat" your videos, so that the decoration continues playing endlessly. A playlist option is also helpful, so that you can select multiple decorations to play instead of just one.

If you need a new video player, one of the best options to use is a program called VLC. VLC has been around for almost 20 years and has a great reputation for being safe, free, and easy to use. You can download VLC at the following link:

Making a Looping Playlist in VLC

To set up your looping playlist, locate these three buttons on your VLC window.  

  • The left button switches the window between your playlist and your video. Switching to your playlist will let you drag, drop, and/or delete videos from your playlist. When your playlist is complete, you can switch back to the video to display your decorations
  • The middle button toggles between looping modes. Pressing it once will loop one file, pressing it twice will loop all files, and pressing it a third time will turn looping off.
  • The third button toggles random playback of your playlist.

Turning off Subtitles in VLC

VLC may display the names of your decorations on screen during playback, but this setting can be turned off. You can remove the on-screen titles using the VLC Player settings. Here's how:

  1. In the top menu bar, go to the "VLC" dropdown menu and select "Preferences"
  2. In the "Preferences" window that opens up, select the "Subtitles & OSD" tab
  3. Under "On Screen Display," locate the "Enable OSD" option and deselect it

This will disable any subtitles from popping up.

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