Can I return my AtmosFX products if I didn't buy them from your website?

From to your friendly neighborhood halloween shop, every store that sells AtmosFX products has their own policies for dealing with customer returns and refunds. You can find AtmosFX products at many popular locations, like Spirit Halloween, Morris Costumes, and more.

If you have purchased an AtmosFX product from somewhere other than, you will need to work with that retailer for all returns and refunds.

What if your issue is a bit more complicated, like the product you purchased has a defect or you find that it’s broken when you get home? 

Again, you will need to work with the retailer you purchased the product from. Most retailers request that you present a copy of your purchase receipt and enact a specific returns and refund period. If you have any questions regarding a specific retailer’s returns policy, they should have a simple and clear way to find this information.

To note, places like Amazon’s new/used Marketplace and Ebay do not have a clear set of returns and refunds guidelines, so we recommend exercising caution when purchasing via these places.

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