Are there any options for subtitles or different languages?


Subtitles are not available for AtmosFX digital decorations because of the nature of how the products are meant to be displayed. 

Unlike a movie, which relies on dialogue viewed in a theater or home theater setting, digital decorations are meant to be an illusion - it's kind of like performing a magic trick to make it look like your decorations are really happening!

Adding subtitles would detract from this amazing illusion. We want everyone to enjoy the magic of digital decorating, including the hearing impaired, which is why we pride ourselves in creating visually stunning, engaging and eye-popping digital decorations. 


Currently, our decorations are only available in English. 

AtmosFX loves our international fans and we offer many decorations which feature no language that work great for any audience. Adding different languages would require shooting more footage and creating more animation, which takes time away from creating new decorations every year.

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