Can I ship to my hotel?

Shipping an order to your hotel is simple. We do have a couple of recommendations to be sure you get your order conveniently and at the right time.

Be sure to select the shipping method that's right for you. For time sensitive deliveries, we recommend service with guaranteed delivery times.

The most affordable choice is USPS Priority (2-3 days depending on location). You may also choose overnight, 2 day, or 3 day services from FedEx or UPS.

There may be an extra day of processing time at our shipping warehouse, depending on what time of day your order is placed. Be prepared for additional processing time.

Here are some tips on addressing your shipment:

  • Put the name of the hotel on the recipient address
  • Put the word "GUEST" followed by your name and hotel room number on the second address line

This will be sure that the package courier knows the hotel is the correct address, and also that the hotel lobby clerk will know who will be receiving the package.

If possible, we recommend contacting your hotel and letting the lobby know to expect a package for you, especially if the package will arrive before you do.

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