Can I set up my decorations outside?

AtmosFX Digital Decorations look excellent in outdoor displays!

However, you must exercise caution when using digital projectors outdoors. Most projectors are not weather-sealed and can be damaged by exposure to rain or dirt. Setting up a projector outside will void the warranty on the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit, as with most digital projectors, because they are designed primarily for indoor use.

What Tools Do You Need?

To set up outdoor digital decorations you may need the following tools:

  • An extension cord (optional depending on where you want to place the projector)
  • A projector (or two or three... go crazy! You can never have too many!)
  • A cover case for your projector (highly recommended, depending on your climate)

Projector Cover Cases

Some decorators simply monitor the weather and take the projector inside when there are signs of rain, but you may also consider covering your projector.

Some DIY solutions are as simple as covering the projector with a cardboard box. More advanced decorators have built custom dust-proof and water resistant enclosures for long term use.

But be careful! Your box must allow for proper air circulation. Without air circulation your projector may overheat and become damaged.

Using Hollusion Projection Material Outside

Many decorators like using  Hollusion Projection Material outside to create effects like a skeleton from  Bone Chillers emerging from the ground! Hollusion Projection Material is made of a durable, washable mesh. It can be left in the rain, but water droplets on the material might distort the image.

If your material becomes dirty, we recommend a machine washing with warm water followed by a cool rinse, then use a tumble dry setting on low.

Don't use an iron on the Hollusion Projection Material, this will probably damage the material.

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