I want to post videos of my AtmosFX decorations online. Is this allowed?

Yes! AtmosFX encourages decorators to share their holiday displays and decorating effects on places like Facebook and YouTube. We love seeing what new and exciting decorating techniques our fans can come up with next – you always surprise us! Plus, what fun is there in decorating if you can’t show it off?

Directly uploading our digital decorations to the internet is, of course, a violation of copyright. However, uploading a video of your decorations in action can be allowed as “Fair Use” because it is a demonstration. 

There are some precautions to follow so that your video is safely in compliance with copyright policies. We don’t want to accidentally flag your original video for removal, but it can happen if we see a video shot on a tripod pointing directly at a flat projection surface. Here are some tips to help make your video stand out:

  • Shoot from an angle which includes the environment around the decoration
  • Keep the camera handheld and moving to give an idea of dimension
  • Include a friend or family member in the video to show the scale of your decoration

If you are especially proud of your set-up, send us the videos! We would love to feature your creativity in our "AtmosFan of the Week" contest. To participate, please e-mail  community@atmosfx.com with the subject line "AtmosFan of the Week", and include a short description of your set-up with a link to your videos. Winners can earn prizes and will be featured on our AtmosFX Community blog.

If you want to see past AtmosFan of the Week winners,  click here to visit the AtmosFans Hall of Fame.

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