Is there a vertical version for all decorations?

AtmosFX strives to provide our fellow decorators with as many entertaining digital decorating solutions as possible. This is why our decorations feature a variety of different display modes and options that are compatible with different environments.

Vertical decorations are just one of many options we offer, and they are only available on select decoration scenes and collections. You can check the description of every decoration collection to see if vertical versions are included.

There are currently three types of vertical decorations we offer: "True Vertical", "Center-Framed", and "Doorway".

True Vertical Decorations

These decorations include videos which are rotated by 90°, as well as the regular horizontal versions. You'll need to turn your projector on its side to project them properly.


Christmas, Birthdays, and Other Celebrations

Center-Framed Decorations

These decorations are not rotated, but they are designed to look great in either vertical or horizontal windows by featuring the action in the middle of the frame. Instead of rotating your projector on its side, just pull the projector back until it fills the window from top to bottom.

Doorway Decorations

The following collections feature true vertical decorations designed for doorways instead of windows. These scenes show the full character from head to toe, instead of seeing the frame cut off at the waist. You can still experiment with displaying them in your windows, of course!

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