How can I give AtmosFX decorations as a gift?

Digital content is quickly replacing physical media for all kinds of home entertainment needs. There are so many great advantages to digital content, but this change does create particular challenges for gift giving. Many decorating fans want to know, how can we share the joy of digital decorations if there's not a physical item to unwrap?

The best and easiest way to give digital decorations as a gift is to order an  AtmosFX Gift Card

These gift cards are offered in amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100. After purchase, the the gift card is automatically emailed to you. When you're ready to give your gift, you can either forward the email at an appropriate time or print out the gift card to slip into an envelope or greeting card. 

Gift cards are also a great option when you’re looking to save on shipping and when you aren’t sure which decorations your loved ones already own. Your giftee will have the chance to pick out their favorite decorations and have them connected to their own AtmosFX account.

If you have questions about how to use your AtmosFX Gift Card,  click here to visit our article "How do I use my AtmosFX Gift Card?"

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