How do I set up my 3DFX Form?

Where should I set up the 3DFX Form?

Anywhere! We recommend choosing a location where your audience will not see the back of the form. Placing your 3DFX decoration near the end of a hallway or in a doorway to a room is especially creepy. 

Lots of decorators enjoy using the 3DFX Form as part of an outdoor display. If you want to use your 3DFX Form outside, be careful! You'll want to clear the ground of any items that could puncture the material.

When used outdoors, the 3DFX Form's ground tabs can be used to secure the form to the ground with stakes or secure it to an object via cord or rope. Stakes and rope are not included accessories. Be sure not to use any stakes that may puncture your 3DFX Form, and be mindful of any sharp objects near the form if used outdoors.

How do I attach the clips?

Your 3DFX Form includes two clips, which are used to attach the 3DFX shroud to the inflatable form.

The first clip should be used to clamp the excess shroud material behind the neck area of the form. 

The second clip may either be used to adjust how tightly your material hangs from the form, or to secure the material to the tab on the back of the form.

Where should I position the projector?

For the best result, point your projector directly at the form, filling the form completely with the projected 3DFX image. Try to avoid projecting from an angle, because it may distort the 3DFX image.

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