How do I reset the Bluetooth on my Digital Decorating Kit Plus?

Using a Digital Decorating Kit Plus with a Bluetooth speaker is such an easy way to add great audio to your decorating. However, Bluetooth connections may sometimes need a reset. If you have any problems with your Bluetooth connection, here are the steps to reset the connection on your Digital Decorating Kit Plus.

  • STEP 1: If your Bluetooth Speaker is not connected, you’ll see the words “BT Disconnect” in the upper right corner of your display. Press the menu key on your projector’s remote or control panel.

  • STEP 2: Press the right arrow key and scroll to the “Sound” menu, the press “OK”

  • STEP 3: Scroll to “Bluetooth” and press “OK”.

  • STEP 4: Scroll to “BT Reset” and press the Right Arrow Key.

  • STEP 5: Press Exit to return to the Main Screen.

  • STEP 6: Try pairing your speaker again.When your speaker has paired, you’ll see its name in the top right of the Screen.

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