Why can't I locate the Hollusion mode in my decoration collection?

If you're using digital downloads or SD cards, you might run into an issue where you cannot locate Hollusion mode decorations where they are supposed to be. 

If this happens to you, you'll want to use the "Wall" mode videos to create Hollusions. Some of our older decorations, like Bone Chillers, may work in Hollusion mode even if there may not be any Hollusion mode mentioned in the folders or file names.

Wall and Hollusion mode are essentially the same, but Wall mode existed before we started offering Hollusion Projection Material and Hollusion mode videos. The important thing is that they both feature blank backgrounds around the character in your decoration, so they appear to be really emerging from your wall or floating in mid-air.

This can also happen with other display modes. File names on digital downloads and SD cards are titled so that they are easy to read. If each individual scene's file name listed every display mode it features, the file names would get too long and confusing. If you are unsure which display modes are featured in your scene, check out your decoration collection on AtmosFX.com for complete info.

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