What is the difference between each of the projection materials?

AtmosFX offers three different projection materials on our site. All three materials are designed for front or rear projection.

Window Projection Material (4’ x 6’) is a white semi-translucent sheet of nylon, perfect for large windows. We have specially created this material to minimize hotspots, glare, and diffusion.

Window Projection Material XL (5.5’ x 9’) is just like our classic Window Projection Material, but in a larger format for bigger windows!

Hollusion Projection Material (5.5' x 9') is is made of a durable grey polyester mesh. It's specifically designed to make your Hollusion mode decorations appear to float in thin air!

The Decorating Disc is a circular projection screen that works like Window Projection Material. It's a 32-inch diameter circular prop with an easy hanging grommet at the top.

You can find them all on our GEAR page!

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