Can I add more decorations to the USB drive included in my kit?

The USB drive included with our AtmosKIT Plus stores 4GB of data. The decorations take up about 3 GB, which leaves some free space for you to add some additional videos. 

There are two options if you would like to use additional files along with the ones included in your kit. In either option, you should start by backing up the files from your kit USB drive onto your computer.

Option 1: Use a new USB stick or microSD card

If you provide your own USB drive or microSD card, you can pick one with much more storage than the USB drive included in your kit. 

When choosing a storage device, keep in mind that complete decoration collections can be up to 6gb in size, and the individual scene files can range from around 100mb to 500mb. Usually an SD Card or USB Drive that is 16gb is more than enough space to fit all of the digital decorations you want to play, unless you are one of our uber-customers who owns everything we make! Once you have a new storage device, you can copy the files from the included USB drive and combine them with all your other decorations.

Option 2: Clear the contents of the kit USB drive

Once again, be sure to back up your files before following this option. 

Once you've backed up your files, you can delete the contents of your card and then copy over just the decorations you want to use. Since the kit USB drive includes a wide variety of holiday decorations, you probably won't need all of the included decorations all year round.

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