Which Halloween decorations are appropriate for all ages?

AtmosFX makes digital decorations for a variety of ages and audiences. Most of our Halloween decorations are fun for all ages, but some collections feature realistic horror-themed content designed for more mature decorating fans.

Ultimately, you are the best judge of what is appropriate for your young viewers. We encourage you to watch the previews on each decoration page to decide what works for your audience. 

To locate our family friendly content, look for the happy face icon:

Our more mature content is labeled with the skull icon:

Some collections may use both icons. Using both icons indicates a combination of scary and silly decorations, or that the collection might be somewhere in the middle.

Family Friendly Content

These collections are fun for the whole family. There may still be a fright or two, but no violence or sinister monsters, just fun.

Both Family Friendly and Horror-Themed Content

These collections feature scarier monsters, but no violence.

Realistic Horror-Themed Content

These collections may feature scarier scenarios and some violence, intended for more mature audiences.

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