Do digital decorations work around fog machines? Can I project decorations onto fog?

Fog machines are one of the greatest friends a Halloween decorator can have. It makes such a big impression, and transforms any yard or haunt into a more mysterious and spooky environment. Because of that, many decorators have asked if it is ok to display digital decorations around fog. The answer is, like with so many other decorating tips - Maybe. It depends on a lot of variables and requires some careful planning.

Visually, a little bit of fog can work great with your decorations. However, a lot of fog can prevent your image from projecting against the wall or projection material you are using. Try not to use both projectors and fog in a small enclosed place unless you are prepared for a lot of interruption of your decorations.

TAKE CAUTION! Projectors require constant ventilation to operate, and the internal fans may suck in fog and cause damage to the projector. A little ambient fog should be fine, but be very careful not to put a fog machine directly near any digital projector or blow fog directly towards the projector.

A more advanced decorating tip that we've seen is projecting an image onto the fog itself. Using a regular fog machine won't give you the best effect, but we have seen some very creative set-ups from decorators who created a "smoke screen" by building a special directional system.

Click here to see the "smoke screen" in action.

Click here to see a DIY step by step guide to creating your own "smoke screen".

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