How do I earn points in the AtmosFAN Awards program?

Once you've opened up the AtmosFAN Awards toolbar, click on the "Ways to earn" button to bring up all of your Kudos activities. It looks like this:

Follow AtmosFX On Social Media

You can earn 25 points each for following AtmosFX on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That's 75 points total! Be sure to use the links in your "Ways to earn" section to get your points. Look for these buttons:

Share AtmosFX Social Posts

Sharing our social media posts is an easy and interactive way to earn more Kudos for your AtmosFAN Awards account. The "Ways to earn" menu will be frequently updated with new posts to share, so be sure to check back for more opportunities to share!

  • Star Decorator: 10 Kudos per share
  • All-Star Decorator: 25 Kudos per share
  • Superstar Decorator: 50 Kudos per share

Subscribe to the AtmosFX Newsletter

You'll earn 50 points for signing up the the AtmosFX newsletter. Click here to sign up!

Refer a Friend

You can earn Kudos by referring a friend to AtmosFX! They'll get 15% off a purchase, and you'll get 200 Kudos. It's a win-win!

In the main page of the AtmosFAN Rewards toolbar, you'll find the "Refer your friends" section, which looks like this:

You can simply copy and share the link, and or use the social share buttons to send a referral directly to your favorite decorator. When they use their 15% off coupon through your referral link, you'll automatically earn 200 points.

Points for Purchases

When you shop at, you automatically earn Kudos for every dollar you spend. These points can really add up!

  • Star Decorator: 5 Kudos per every $1 spent
  • All-Star Decorator: 7 Kudos per every $1 spent
  • Superstar Decorator: 10 Kudos per every $1 spent

Write a Product Review

You can earn Kudos for reviewing every item you purchase from Keep in mind that you can only earn points for 1 review per product. If you buy a decoration collection, you can only earn points for reviewing the collection; reviewing single scenes will only earn points if you purchased single scenes. Be sure to use the same email address on your review that you use for your account to earn your Kudos.

  • Star Decorator: 25 Kudos per review
  • All-Star Decorator: 25 Kudos per review
  • Superstar Decorator: 50 Kudos per review

Happy Birthday!

Be sure to add your birthday to your customer account when you register to get a special birthday gift of AtmosFX Kudos! You can add your birthday by selecting "Save date" in the "Ways to earn" toolbar.

  • Star Decorator: 100 Kudos per birthday
  • All-Star Decorator: 250 Kudos per birthday
  • Superstar Decorator: 500 Kudos per birthday
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