When projecting onto Hollusion Projection Material, light spills onto the wall behind it. How can I fix this?

Hollusion Projection Material is a mesh fabric designed to let some light pass through from both directions while still catching the projected image. This is the trick that allows our Hollusion Mode decorations to appear to be floating in thin air. The projector reflects light off of the mesh, but the viewer can still see through to the other side.

Because of this, it’s important to consider where your projector is aimed and how it is angled. If there are any surfaces on the opposite side of your material from the projector, you may get a double image effect: the first on the Hollusion Projection Material and the double appearing on the background.

If you are getting a double-image, try repositioning your projector at a lower angle, facing upwards towards your material. This will direct the double-image up into the air and out of view of your audience.

Also, if you’re decorating a window with Hollusion Projection Material, make sure it's not pointing directly into a neighbor's window, as they will experience unwanted light shining into their home — or even unwanted frights!

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