How can I project vertical decorations with the AtmosKIT Plus?

The ViewSonic M1+ projector included with the AtmosKIT Plus is very versatile, and can be propped up in lots of ways. However, it's important to keep the projector secure. 

The projector does have a tripod mount on the base of the projector, so the safest solution for vertical decorating is a tripod with a 90 degree angle option. Be sure your tripod can remain secure with an off-balance weight attached. Small tabletop tripods may not hold balance. 

If you don't have a tripod, you can compare many options from any seller of lighting and camera accessories. If you already have a tripod that doesn't have a 90 degree mounting option, you can consider an adapter to attach. Many examples of 90 degree tripod adapters can be found from popular retailers. 

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