Which Decoration Collections include Decorations for the Decorating Disc XL?

AtmosFX introduced the Decorating Disc XL in 2021 as a new and unique way to decorate.

Before the Decorating Disc XL was created, a few AtmosFX decoration collections already included a circular prop mode. For those decorations we just renamed the mode to Decorating Disc Mode. That includes:

Because circular prop modes were already included for these decorations above, if you already ordered these decorations before you would not need to download again. 

Many classic AtmosFX decoration collections (and more to come) had new Disc Decorations created and added to the horizontal download. 

All new Decorating Disc modes for previously existing collections have been added absolutely free. If you already purchased these decoration before you don't need to buy anything a second time. Just retrieve your original download link and download again.

Finally, many of our newest AtmosFX decoration collections have been launched with Decorating Disc modes.

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