How do I access the USB drive on my ViewSonic M1miniPlus? (AtmosKIT)

If you're decorating with a ViewSonic M1miniPlus, part of the AtmosKIT All-Season and AtmosKIT Halloween, then you may run into a common issue when accessing the decorations on the USB drive.

Once the projector powers up, you'll open the "File Management" menu to access the USB.

However, this menu always defaults into loading the menu for the internal storage options, which can cause some users to think that the USB can not be accessed.

To access the USB, press the "Return" button on your remote, which is just below the "Right" button. This will exit the local storage, and you can now hit the "Down" button and select the USB.

ViewSonic has also provided some easy instructions with pictures, showing how to use the projector's menus and remote to access your decorations. 

"M1miniPlus USB Flash Drive Access Procedure" from ViewSonic

Once you find the decoration you want to play and start playing it, the projector will automatically play an endless loop of all the videos in the same folder as the video you selected. You can use the remote to stop the videos at any time.

Whenever you run into specific questions about your projector, you're also welcome to contact ViewSonic's technical support. Not only does ViewSonic have the most expertise for their products, but they also provide a 3 year warranty for their projectors. You can reach them at the following address:

You may also reach the ViewSonic Technical Support team by phone if needed, during regular office hours.

1 (800) 688-6688

If you are using a USB other than the one included with your kit, the USB must be no larger than 32GB. 

USB drives larger than 32 GB are not compatible with the projector at this time. ViewSonic is working on a solution for this, which should be available as a firmware upgrade in the future.

If your drive is smaller than 32GB, you may need to try formatting it again with the FAT32 or NTFS format. The following article offers easy step by step instructions to help you:

What do I do if I need to format my USB stick or SD card?

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