How do I clean and care for my Projection Material?

Window Projection Material

AtmosFX Window Projection Material is designed to be reusable and easy to clean. 

Be sure to follow these instructions to get the best results without damaging your material:

  1. Do not apply direct high heat
  2. To remove creases, use a clothes iron set on its lowest setting (usually labeled "silk")
  3. To clean, soak your Window Projection Material in hot water with a small amount of vinegar and then hang dry

Hollusion Projection Material

Don't use an iron on the Hollusion Projection Material, as this will probably damage the material.

If your material becomes dirty, we recommend a machine washing with warm water followed by a cool rinse, then use a tumble dry setting on low.

Premium Window Projection Material

Premium Window Projection Material is shipped in a plastic tube that is great for storage when you're ready to take down your decorations. 

An important factor in keeping the material for future decorating is to keep it clean and uncreased. 

When you're done, just peel it off, roll it up, and place it back in the tube!

For best storage results, roll up your material with the smooth side facing the inside of the roll.

Digital Decorating Kit "Standard" Window Projection Material

The Digital Decorating Kit includes a piece of projection material which is made of plastic instead of fabric. 

It does a great job of displaying window projections, but this material is cheaper and less re-usable than the Window Projection Material which is sold separately.

If you are using the projection material from the projector kit, do not use an iron. You may still try soaking the material.

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