How do I clean and care for my Projection Material?

Every seasoned haunter knows Halloween decorating can get pretty messy. That’s why AtmosFX projection materials are designed to be washable and reusable, year after year. To keep your materials looking good, here are some cleaning tips.

Window Projection Material and Window Projection Material XL

  • To clean, soak your Window Projection Material in hot water with three tablespoons of white vinegar for two hours, rinse, and then hang dry.
  • To remove creases, use a clothes iron set on its lowest setting (usually labeled "silk"). High heat can damage or warp the material. Do not use steam.
  • Don’t wash Window Projection Material in your washing machine, as this may wear down the material.

Hollusion Projection Material

  • Unlike Window Projection Material, you can use a washing machine to clean HPM. Set the washer to “gentle” with warm water followed by a cool rinse. Tumble dry on low heat.
  • The mesh design of the Hollusion Projection Material probably won’t wrinkle but you may want to gently shake it out after the cycle ends.
  • Don't use an iron on Hollusion Projection Material. Due to the fabric’s special design, this will probably damage it.

3DFX Form

Cleaning the 3DFX Inflatable Form
  • The 3DFX inflatable form is made of durable vinyl which can be easily cleaned.
  • Do not use bleach or abrasive scrubbers, as these can break down and weaken the vinyl over time. Rough scrubbing may even puncture the material.
  • Instead, spray the affected area with regular window or kitchen surface cleaner and use a soft rag or sponge to gently scrub.
Cleaning the Shroud
  • The 3DFX shroud is made of nylon, which can be machine washed using a gentle setting on warm with a cool rinse. Tumble dry on low.
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