Can I display a single digital decoration through multiple projectors?

There are a couple of options for displaying one decoration on multiple projectors (or TV screens).

Copying your Digital Download

Digital download format allows you to make personal copies of your decorations as secure back-ups, or for use on multiple devices.

Using your digital download files, you can play the same decoration on multiple devices. 

If you want your videos to play all at the same time, you'll need to hit play at the same time on each device and hope they match up!

Splitting your Video Signal

If you have a video splitter cable or video switch, you can send your video signal to more than one display from a single source.

This method requires extra equipment, but will let you play one video source simultaneously in sync on multiple projectors and/or screens.

If you have DVDs, this is the method you will need to use because AtmosFX DVDs cannot be copied due to copyright law.

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