What angle works best for projecting digital decorations?

Getting creative with your projector placement is highly recommended for the best decorating results. Many decorating setups look best when the the projector is pointed directly at the surface, but some setups will require you to project from an angle.

For example, sometimes a bright projector beam can create a distracting hotspot in your image. Or, if you are using  Hollusion Projection Material you may have a double image shining through the Hollusion mesh to a surface on the other side. 

Simply adjusting the angle of your projector can cause distortion, where one side of the image is in focus while the other is not. Luckily, most projectors allow you to modify the angle of the projected image using a feature called "keystone correction".

Keystone Correction

There are two types of keystone correction, manual and digital.

Manual Keystone Correction

Some projectors, including our  Digital Decorating Kits, have a manual keystone control dial attached to an internal lens. Projectors with a manual keystone dial can only adjust on one axis, usually horizontal. That means that if you need to raise up or lower down your projector on an angle, you can use the keystone to keep your image in focus. 

If you are using a projector in vertical orientation, then the keystone will now let you move the projector from an angle left to right while maintaining an in-focus image.

Digital Keystone Correction

Some projectors feature digital keystone correction, which allows you to create a customized projection shape which can be adjusted on both the horizontal and vertical axis by using your projectors settings. Typically this feature can only be found on very expensive projectors because it requires advanced hardware to convert the final image. 

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