How far away should I place my projector from the projection surface?

Every projector is different, as well as every decorating space, so there isn't a standard distance that works for all situations. It's important to experiment with your space and projector to find the best results. Consider factors like the size of the area you're hoping to cover, the brightness of your projector, and the projector placement options you have for your space. 

The best way to know for sure is to learn about the concept of "throw distance" and "throw ratio". Throw distance describes the possible range of distance between your projector and surface, while throw ratio describes what size of image the projector will create at a given distance. 

Throw Distance

Throw distance is the focal distance between your projector and your projection surface. Simply put, this measurement tells you how close the projector needs to be to your window, wall, Hollusion Projection Material, or 3DFX Form in order to create a clear image. Most projectors have a focus lens you can adjust, which allows you to move the projector closer or farther away. Naturally, moving the projector away from your surface will create a bigger image.

Projectors are usually categorized as being either "short throw" or "long throw", meaning they have a short range or a long range. Most decorators prefer short throw projectors when setting up digital decorations because the projector can be placed closer to the projection surface. 

Throw Ratio

A projector’s throw can also be measured using a “throw ratio,” which describes how much a projector will magnify your video image at a specific distance. Finding out the throw ratio of a projector will help you determine if it will work well for digital decorating because short throw projectors have lower throw ratios than long throw projectors.

The smaller the throw ratio number, the larger an image the projector will produce at a short distance.

AtmosKIT Plus (M1+ Projector)

The AtmosKIT Plus includes a ViewSonic projector with the following throw specifications:

  • Throw Ratio: 1.2:1 (1.2 feet from screen creates an image 1 foot wide)
  • Range of distance: 28.8 inches (closest) to 120 inches (farthest)
  • Projection Size Width: 24 inches (smallest) to 100 inches wide (largest)
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