How do I soften the visible border of my projection?

If you are creating a Wall, Hollusion, or 3DFX mode decoration with a blank background, you might notice the rectangular edges of the projector's frame around your decoration. These edges are visible because projectors must project light even when the projected image is black. 

The best way to manage these edges is to use a digital projector with a very high contrast ratio. If your projector has a low contrast ratio, it may be hard to avoid. Contrast ratio is the ratio of the brightest and darkest image a projector can create. For example, the AtmosKIT Plus has a 120,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which means a completely white projection would be 120,000 times brighter than a completely black projection.

You may try to soften the edges of your projection is to adjust the contrast and brightness settings of your projector until you find a better result, however this can have minimal impact on the actual amount of light being projected.

Finally, consider hanging a black backdrop behind your decorations. Black burlap, duvetyne, or black velvet are all great fabric to absorb a lot of light. It can also add some decorating flair to use a backdrop, so this is a great solution. 

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