There is a “light halo” around my 3DFX Form. How do I get rid of it?

If your 3DFX Form is positioned directly in front of a wall, you may notice the black background of the decoration is visible behind  the 3DFX Form. This is totally normal, but fortunately there are ways to reduce the effect of the background light.

The first thing to try is to place your 3DFX Forms in a place where they are not directly in front of a wall. The more distance you put between the 3DFX Form and the surface, the less you will notice the light spilling over.

If you need to decorate in a space where there is a wall behind your forms, try hanging a dark fabric behind the forms which will absorb more of the projector light. The projector's brightness will be more noticeable on lighter surfaces.

You can also try putting colored lights like Christmas lights behind the forms or against the wall to flush out the competing projector light. This can not only hide the background light, but also add some visual flair to your decorations.

Finally, it's important to consider that the background light is more noticeable if your projector has a low contrast rating. Projectors with a higher contrast rating will have a much darker background in comparison.

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