Can I project other decorations on the 3DFX Form, or use 3DFX decorations without the form?

It never hurts to try out a new creative idea in your decorating set-up! We always encourage creativity and experimentation. However, you may have mixed results.

Using 3DFX decorations without a 3DFX Form

3DFX decorations are designed with the 3DFX Form in mind, but they can also look great projected in your window, on a wall, as a Hollusion, or displayed on a TV.

If you're interested in a 3DFX mode decoration with background action instead of an empty frame, check out the 3DFX display mode version of ‘Spell #3: Séance’ from Witching Hour

Some other popular decorations to use without the 3DFX Form are the Ghost Trio 3DFX decorations from Boo Crew.

Projecting a non-3DFX decoration onto the 3DFX Form

3DFX mode decorations are designed specifically for the size and shape of the 3DFX Form. 

Using a non-3DFX mode digital decoration with your 3DFX Form will more than likely deliver poor results.

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