How do I connect the Sprite Media Player to my TV or projector?

The Sprite Media Player is a great way to play decorations on any projector or TV, with lots of options for hooking up your various devices.

To figure out if your display device is compatible with the Media Player, check out these video output options:

HDMI Cables

The Sprite Media Player features an HDMI video output. HDMI provides up to 1080p quality video and also an audio signal.

With the right adapter cables, HDMI can connect to many other types of devices like smartphones and tablets. Try searching for your device model and the term "HDMI adapter" to locate the right cable for you. 

When testing out your Sprite with an HDMI connection, you may experience a small "glitch" in between video files. If that happens, it's very easy to fix.

Go to the settings menu on your Sprite and check your "Video Output Mode". The menu will look like this:

The Sprite player has three options for 1080p resolution. 
  • 1080p 50hz
  • 1080p 60hz
If your current setting produces a glitch between videos, try one of the other options to fix it. 

Composite Cables

The "AV" port can be used to connect a 3.5mm to "composite" cable adapter, like this:


Composite cable delivers 480i SD video as well as audio. You'll need to select either NTSC or PAL in the video output menu. Decorators in North America will use NTSC.

Audio Output

If you are connecting the Sprite to speakers and playing audio files only, you will need to use your own amplifier to boost the audio signal. 

For more info about using the audio output, check out this knowledge base article about setting up outdoor audio!

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