Can I use my phone or tablet to access digital downloads?

AtmosFX always recommends using a desktop or laptop computer to access your digital downloads.

However, there are times when another computer isn't available or convenient. It helps to have a back-up option. 

It is possible to get your files to open and play on your mobile device. It may just take a few extra steps.

You'll need the following two things:

  • A .zip file decompression app 
  • Lots of free storage space

Many of our files, especially collections, are simply too large to download on a mobile device. 

Also, decompressing creates a double of the original .zip file, so you enough space to hold twice the size of the original download.

Desktop and laptop computers have software that can automatically open these kinds of files. Phones and tablets usually do not. You'll need to visit the app store for your device to find a decompression program.

Once your .zip file is successfully opened you will have a new folder that you can open which contains all of the video files you are looking for. 

You can now delete the .zip file to save space on your device.

Click here for more info about playing decorations on your mobile device.

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