How do I pick the right display mode? What are the differences?

AtmosFX digital decorations come in lots of varieties, not just for lots of holidays but also for differences in style and format to give the decorating community as many creative opportunities as possible! We call these different formats "display modes". The differences between these display modes are not in their video specifications but their design.

Some decorations may contain just one mode, or multiple modes. Decorators can rely on display mode categories to let them know which decorations work best for which settings, but these often work less like rules and more like suggestions.

We encourage all of our fellow decorators to experiment and get creative with their set-ups. You may find an unusual combination of display mode and surface that works for you. Here are a few guidelines concerning the differences between each of the display modes.

TV/Monitor Mode


Transform your TV or monitor into a simple, eye-catching decoration or prop for parties and entertaining.

Decorations designed for TV displays work great on computers, phones, tablets, or any other screen.

This mode features a full background so that your screen becomes a portal into the world of AtmosFX!

Wall Mode


Bring any room to life by projecting onto your walls, ceilings, doors, floors, props and more.

Wall mode generally features full body characters who are not cut off by the edges of the frame. Because of this, these videos can appear very similar to Hollusion mode.

Many of our older collections feature combination Hollusion and Wall modes because the Wall Mode existed before we developed Hollusion Mode decorations.

Window Mode


Captivate and entertain your family, friends and neighbors by displaying entertaining scenes in your windows.

Window Mode usually features full background action or a white/light background for contrast.

The characters in these scenes are usually cut off at the waist to appear more realistic in your own window.

This mode is also usually “flipped” horizontally so that it matches the other modes when rear-projected.

Hollusion Mode


Use Hollusion Projection Material to create the illusion of characters that hover in mid-air in your doorway, archway or yard.

Hollusion mode is defined by the absence of background action in the scene.

The black background in the decoration disappears against the Hollusion Projection Material, which makes the featured character seem to appear before your eyes!

3DFX/Prop Mode


Project onto an AtmosFX 3DFX Form and watch an otherwise lifeless body appear to come to life.

We also offer a Prop Mode with Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree that you can project onto pumpkins!

Click here for more info about collections featuring 3DFX Mode decorations.

Doorway Mode


Project onto a closed door or open doorway to create the illusion that someone – or something – is about to make a guest appearance.

Doorway Mode is like Window Mode except it is designed for doorways, and features the full character instead of being cut off at the waist.

Click here for more information about collections featuring Doorway mode decorations.

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