Which decoration collections include Doorway mode decorations?

There are two AtmosFX decoration collections with official Doorway Modes ( Night Stalkers and Trick 'r Treat), because they create the complete illusion of a door opening and closing. In this sense, Doorway Mode is determined by the illusion of a door included in the decoration. However, any decoration with Wall or Hollusion modes in vertical orientation can work if you’re looking to fill a doorway. That’s because Wall and Hollusion Modes both feature full, uninterrupted figures, instead of characters seen from waist level like in Window Mode.

As always, remember to view the previews of the individual scenes on every collection page. The preview panel includes a video of the decoration in its exact dimensions along with detailed specifications, so you’ll be able to pick and choose with confidence.

Here’s a list of collections that feature vertical Wall or Hollusion Modes perfect for Doorway decorating:

Doorway Decorations for Halloween

Doorway Decorations for Other Holidays and Celebrations

Holiday Greeting Decorations for Doorways

Setting Up Your Doorway Decoration

For tips on how to create your doorway decoration, please visit this article:

How do I set up a digital decoration in my doorway?

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