How do I set up a digital decoration in my doorway?

What better way to welcome, frighten, delight, or celebrate your guests than with digital decorations at your door? AtmosFX can turn your doorway into a portal that opens onto a world of holiday fun.

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Which decoration collections include Doorway mode decorations?

Doorway Mode Basics

AtmosFX digital decorations come in a lot of varieties, not just for holidays but for any space and every taste. Decorators can rely on our display mode categories to let them know which decorations work best in different settings, but these are less like rules and more like suggestions.

So how do Doorway Mode decorations work? Doorway Mode is just like window mode, except that the bottom of the decoration goes all the way to the ground. For example, in Night Before Christmas, Santa can only be seen from the knees up in Window Mode, but in Doorway Mode you can see all the way to his feet.

Doorway decorating works best with a projector which can display vertical decorations, like the projector in the AtmosKIT Plus. Many other projectors cannot operate when positioned at a 90° angle so be sure to check with your manufacturer if you’re using another brand. Horizontal orientation can also work too, but your projector will need to be much farther away and the image quality will be reduced.

Positioning your Projector

For doorway decoration, rear projection is the best way to go. This means your projector on the opposite side of the doorway to the viewers, usually inside of your house if you are decorating an exterior door. To pull this off, you’ll need plenty of room to find your perfect projector placement. This can be tricky, since entrances can be high traffic and sometimes narrow.

For most projector set-ups, you’ll want to point directly at a surface from a perpendicular angle. However, Doorway decorating often works best when not pointed directly at the projection surface. The reason is your guests may notice the projector beam shining right behind your decoration.

If your projector has a vertical keystone, like our AtmosKIT Plus projector, projecting in vertical orientation means you can now use your keystone to position your projector from an angle. This can greatly reduce any visible light beam or seeing directly into the projector’s lens

Doorway Decorating Ideas

Here are some fun ideas to get you started on a Doorway decorating project.

  • Hang a sheet of Hollusion Projection Material over an open doorway to conjure surprise visitors out of thin air! Lightly stretch the material so that there is no slack or creases. A smooth surface will provide the best hologram illusion.
  • Project directly onto a closed door with Spectral Surfaces from Paranormal Passage. It will look like spirits are really about to break through!
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