Which decorations include Startle Scares?

AtmosFX Startle Scare decorations feature unexpected guests making sudden and dramatic appearances. They're designed to surprise your audience and keep them on their toes. This list will tell you exactly which decorations to check out if you want to add more hair-raising Startle Scares to your library.

Startle Scares work best with a triggerable media player device. For more information about triggering startle scares, click here to visit our article about triggering startle scares.

Decorations with Startle Scares

Bone Chillers

  • Pop-up Panic
  • Skeleton Surprise

Dinosaur Encounter

  • Raptor Pack (TV/Wall & Window/Hollusion)
  • Beckoning Beauty (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall)
  • Ghoulish Girl (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall)
  • Head of the House (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall)
  • Wrathful Wraith (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall)
  • Evil Twins 2
  • Evil Twins 3
  • Family Unit 1
  • Lady of the House 2
  • Lady of the House 3
  • Lord of the Manor 2
  • Lord of the Manor 3
  • Doorway Scenes
  • Stalking Startlers: Fog (TV & Window)
  • Stalking Startlers: Shadows (TV & Window)

Paranormal Passage

  • Spectral Surfaces
  • Demonic Poltergeist (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall/3DFX Prop)
  • Seductive Siren (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall/3DFX Prop)
  • Sinister Spinster (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall/3DFX Prop)
  • Wicked Wraith (Window/TV & Hollusion/Wall/3DFX Prop)
  • Season's Greetings (Doorway/Wall & Hollusion)
  • Living Nightmare (Debutante, Gentleman, Little Girl, & Trio)
  • Zombie Attack (Full Color & Shadows)
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